MeetingBooster API

API introduction

This API will allow you to interface to some of the objects and features on a MeetingBooster server. The MeetingBooster API is a REST Api based on json objects for data. Each function you want to call in MeetingBooster is a HTTP request. Parameters can be in the url as query parameters or in the request body as json object(s)

Before you can use any of the API requests you must login as a user. See the Authorization The reqests can only access the object available to this user (Meetings, Task e.t.c.)

Special types

DateTime A date and time string in the ISO 8601 format like: 2017-05-17T08:21:10Z DateTime is always specified and saved in UTC in MeetingBooster.

Enums A string or integer limited to a set of predefined values.

Guid A string in the uuid format like FDD049F3-C8DA-4539-B3E8-5CC6D1D99E6E Object ids will be Guid's

Error handling

When a request fails it will return a HTTP status code other than 200. General exceptions will return a HTTP status code 500 (Internal server error)

For Security violations the reponse will be a JSApiError and HTTP status code 403 (Forbidden). This will happen if you try to access an object you do not have the permission to access.

Terminology used in this documentation

Client The application that is using MeetingBooster API

UI objects Objects with a name ending with "UI" - these are "light" object containing only a subset of the complete object. Usually an Id and a name/title.