MeetingBooster API


A meeting recurrence consists of a meeting template, a recurrence pattern and a list of instances.
Property name Value Description
Meeting JSMeeting The meeting template that defines the defaults for the recurrence
MeetingInstances JSMeetingInstance[] The MeetingInstances in the recurrence. Include instances that does not match the pattern and meeting template. Eg. if you have a dayly pattern with a meeting starting at 10:00 and one of the meetings needs to start at 11.00 - you make a meeting instance for that meeting. The list should be sorted by OriginalDate
Pattern JSRecurrencePattern The recurrence pattern that defines the recurrence. Note the pattern does not defines existing meetings that has moved as pattern exceptions. These will only be in the MeetingInstances
JSON example:
	"Meeting" : JSMeeting,
	"Pattern" : JSRecurrencePattern,
	"MeetingInstances" : JSMeetingInstance[]