MeetingBooster API


A meetinginstance links a meeting to an instance in a recurrence. Recurrences do not have meeting data for each meeting until an instance is made. A meeting instance will be made automatically in MeetingBooster the first time you edit the meeting. Note. When doing a synchronization only meeting instances that does not match the recurrence pattern and meeting template will be included.
Property name Value Description
Id String The Unique id of the object. Objects will have a guid as id. Objects created in MeetingBooster before the API was introduced may have an integer as id. When you create a new object you should always give it a guid.
Meeting JSMeeting The meeting of this instance.
OriginalDate DateTime This is the orginal date where the meeting occurs from the recurrence pattern. If the meeting has not been moved this will be the same as the Start date of the meeting.
JSON example:
	"OriginalDate" : "2017-05-17T08:21:10Z",
	"Meeting" : JSMeeting