MeetingBooster API


A Task UI object limited to the task Id, Subject, Duedate and assignee. For a full task object see JSTask
Property name Value Description
Assignee JSUserUI The user assigned to this task.
DueDate DateTime If the task has no due date this is null or not present.
Id String The Unique id of the object. Objects will have a guid as id. Objects created in MeetingBooster before the API was introduced may have an integer as id. When you create a new object you should always give it a guid.
Subject String The task subject
JSON example:
	"Id" : "B11853D1-17E7-47DB-9B6B-6BCF04E38BE8",
	"Assignee" : JSUserUI,
	"DueDate" : "2017-05-17T08:21:10Z",
	"Subject" : "Remember to buy beer for birthday party"