MeetingBooster API


Server information is returned in this object. This includes servier version and authentication types available.
Property name Value Description
ActiveDirectoryEnabled Set to true when active directory is enabled
AzureAD Set to true if Azure ad authentication is enabled
MeetingBoosterAuthentication Set to true if MeetingBooster authentication is enabled
MSAppId String The App id for the Microsoft application setup to use for azure AD synchronization.
MSTenant String The Microsoft Tenant id when using Azure AD synchronization
ServerVersion String The MeetingBooster server version
WindowsLoginEnabled Set to tru when Windows login is enabled
JSON example:
	"ServerVersion": "Build 26123",
	"MSAppId" : "",
	"WindowsLoginEnabled" : false,
	"ActiveDirectoryEnabled" : true,
	"AzureAD" : false,
	"MeetingBoosterAuthentication" : true