MeetingBooster API


The meeting syncrhonization object contains calendar and meeting changes. The SyncToken retuned should be saved client side and use in the next syncrhonization.
Property name Value Description
CalendarEntries JSSyncCalendarEntry[] Calendar entries used for conflict checking by MeetingBooster
CalendarRecurrences JSSyncCalendarRecurrence[] Calendar recurrencies
MeetingRecurrences JSSyncMeetingRecurrence[] The new,modified and deleted meeting recurrences
Meetings JSSyncMeeting[] The new,modified and deleted meetings
SyncToken String The SyncToken saves the state between synchronizations. The client should save this between synchronizations.
JSON Example:
	"CalendaerEntries" : [ JSSyncCalendarEntry],
	"CalendarRecurrences" : [ JSSyncCalendarRecurrence],
	"Meetings" : [ JSSyncMeeting],
	"MeetingRecurrences" : [ JSSyncMeetingRecurrence],
	"SyncToken" : "c21hcnQhIC0gZHUgaGFyIHZ1bmRldCBodWxsZXQgZnJhIGVuIHZhbmlsaWVrcmFucw=="