MeetingBooster API


A MeetingBooster user additional user data
Property name Value Description
Email String The email of the user. The email must be unique and identify the user. Emails should be lowercase
Enabled Set to true if this a an Enabled user
Guest Set to tru if this user is a guest. (A guest cannot log into MeetingBooster)
Id String The Unique id of the object. Objects will have a guid as id. Objects created in MeetingBooster before the API was introduced may have an integer as id. When you create a new object you should always give it a guid.
Name String The display name of the user
Title String The user title/job description
Example object:
"Id" : "A56ADFE8-1B67-4C07-8650-B0A3BAEC80E6",
"Name" : "Bob",
"Email" : "",
"Title" : "Piccolo",
"Enabled" : true,
"Guest" : false